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‘Know your Members'
Segmentation Strategies to Impact Engagement

Barriers like habits, life issues, reachability and risk factors can create challenges when attempting to engage the modern healthcare consumer. The first step to engaging your members is to better understand their attitudes and behaviors and turn this data into intelligent interventions that motivates them to act.

In this Know Your Members edition of the Eliza Insights Webinar Series, we will explore segmentation strategies to inform, remind, and persuade persona activation to drive results.You'll learn:

  • Why barriers like habits, life issues, reachability and other factors create challenges to member engagement
  • How effective member engagement can lead to lower costs, better quality, and improved health outcomes
  • Why it's essential to understand individual differences when designing member programs accordingly
  • How organizations can improve member engagement programs by better understanding individual members
We hope you can join us on Wednesday, December 13th at 1 p.m. ET.

Ralph Perfetto, Jr., Ph.D.
SVP & Chief Analytics Officer
Eliza, an HMS Company

Dr. Ralph Perfetto brings over 20 years of experience creating innovative solutions for measuring the effectiveness of care, health plan performance, and patient outcomes. In his role as Chief Analytics Officer, Ralph is responsible for the strategic development and operationalization of Eliza’s Strategic Analytics and Interaction Design. Prior to joining Eliza, Ralph served as Vice President of Product Development and Population Health at the PatientInsights Division of Optum. Prior, Ralph co-founded QualityMetric, a health survey company acquired by Optum, and was a co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of Response Technologies, Inc. Ralph serves as an Adjunct Professor of Marketing for Worcester Polytechnic Institute and has published work in several peer-reviewed marketing journals. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering, a Masters of Business Administration, and a Ph.D. in Business Administration, all from the University of Rhode Island.



Know Your Members